It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

You will have heard the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

I have often thought in the past that we are so busy living our own lives we forget about looking after others. It’s each to their own.

And then things happen that completely change the way you were thinking about the wider world.

As part of Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds i support many women (with acupuncture, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, mother roasting) during their pregnancy and after birth, and their husbands/partners and they are often the ones who arrange the treatments for the new mums. Recently  i treated a very new mum to a lovely nourishing warming postnatal massage, his parents had flown over from abroad to spend time with the baby.

What i loved was what they said ‘mum looks after baby, so mother in law looks after mum’ . When i was about the leave the new dad came up to me and said he needed to now book his mum in too as she needs pampering. How lovely!! The whole family came together to look after the new baby but didn’t lose sight about the importance of looking after ourselves and others too.

At the same time I co founded Leeds Baby Bank supporting families in need with emergency baby essentials.  Never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined it would take off as quickly as it did. In just two weeks we have provided 15 Leeds families with the baby essentials they needed. Whether it was just baby milk, nappies and wipes or all the baby basics, such as cots, moses baskets, prams, bedding, clothes etc.

Who would have expected after just two days we had been in the local paper and on BBC Leeds radio, plus more interviews followed for tv and radio. The Leeds Baby Bank team of 6 were dealing with 100s of inbox messages and comments on our facebook page. Mainly of people wanting to donate time, money or baby items they didn’t need anymore. People asking what did we need the most as they would add it onto their weekly shop. Every day we are inundated with more messages from people donating baby goods. To see how the Leeds Baby Bank as grown so quickly is heartwarming but also heartbreaking there is the need for such a thing.

Over the two weeks since our launch we have been kindly given some free storage space to use, we now have 9 drop off points across Leeds, received referrals from at least 5 different organisations and helped 15 families in their time of need, with well over a 1000 messages and comments since the start on our facebook page.

Everybody is coming together to make sure no child goes without. WOW!

This is when the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ really does come true.

Thank you to everyone who supports what i do, whether it is Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds or Leeds Baby Bank all the comments, likes, shares are much appreciated.

And if you would love to support LBB by donating items or funds do get it touch. Our GO Fund page link is below, this money will help us pay for a large storage space to house all the kind donations given and will allow us to get referral bundles out quickly to the families in need as all our inventory will be stored here once collected from one of the many drop off point.


For your very own treatments in your own home contact me through my website or find me on facebook Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds.

For more information about Leeds Baby Bank check out our facebook page or our website

Or you can contact Leeds Baby Bank via email at

You can support Leeds Baby Bank by donating at All help is much appreciated.



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