Acupuncture as HRT replacement?

Acupuncture as HRT replacement?

 by CHANTAL NOGBOU                      


You might have heard in the news recently about the HRT shortage or about the research that was published last week showing the increased risk of cancer when taking some HRT medicines.

HRT is hormone replacement therapy used to treat symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and there has been a nationwide shortage of these medicines causing huge increase in severity and occurence of menopausal symptoms putting many women on edge and often at wits end not knowing how they will manage their wellness.

This shortage means many women have been unable to renew their hRT description, so they haven’t been able the medication helps manage symptoms.

But there is a whole world of other treatments out there that can help treat menopausal symptoms such as acupuncture.

There is a whole army of amazing acupuncturist out there that can help all these women, including you if you have been caught out by the HRT shortage. We are all here to help!

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, solid, single use, sterile needles at specific places on your body called acupuncture points and is based on Chinese Medicine which has been around for thousands of years. The needles are usually left in for 20 minutes ish during which you can just enjoy the deeply relaxing feeling that acupuncture gives you. No bad side effects.

Acupuncture reduces hot flushes, reduces night sweats, helps relieve insomnia emotional problems, it just helps you feel more balanced.

So if you need a replacement for your hormone replacement therapy give acupuncture a try, what have you got to lose?

Look for a traditional chinese acupuncturist near you we can help.

If you are in Leeds I can help and you won’t even have to go anywhere as I will bring my treatments to you, you do not need to move away from your fan.

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