Freedom Fertility Formula

Having fertility issues can have you feeling like you are locked in an emotional prison can’t it? With everyone else appearing to be getting on with their lives, whilst you stay trapped in limbo.
That place of wondering whether you should still have hope, or perhaps it is time to give up on your greatest desire.
It can be so hard to keep going, when you are struggling with something so big. Particularly as you are probably feeling isolated and alone.
Everyone around you seems to be falling pregnant with ease, and you dream of the day that you upload your announcement for the world to see, but it feels like it will never be your turn.
Many of those around you don’t understand (or at least don’t appear to), and in some cases, don’t even know how to be in your company anymore.
It is almost as if your fertility struggles have become the white elephant in the room.
You are trapped in an invisible fog of stress, anxiety, sadness, anger and loneliness, and it is seeping into every aspect of your life, daily.
If you are reading this nodding your head in agreement, you may be wondering how on earth you can break free of all this pain and hurt.
Well here’s some valuable news…
There is a structured way to handle this emotional overwhelm, that step by step, enables you to take back control of your life and your fertility journey.
Doing what you want and enjoying your life once again, all whilst still holding space for a baby.
It is time to unlock the doors to your emotional prison and begin to live again.
As a Freedom Fertility Formula Coach, I want you to:
Wake up in the morning feeling POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC about the day ahead?
Reconnect with yourself and increase your SELF CONFIDENCE and TRUST in your body?
Let go of the negative experiences of the past that may be holding you back; RELEASE them and MOVE FORWARDS?
RECONNECT with your partner and REIGNITE the passion in your lives together?
Say YES to social invitations, and make plans for the FUTURE with your partner and friends and/or family
But most importantly say YES to moving FORWARDS positively in a way that feels exciting to you, and EMBRACING what the future brings, come what may.
Full Formula Package
6 x 60-90 minute informative and interactive sessions (session one will be 120 minutes) loaded with tools, techniques to support you to begin moving forwards again, either face to face in the comfort of your own home, or via Skype
Full package is £595.00 – discount price of £500 (if paid upfront, instalment plan available)
Pay As You Go – Session by Session
£100 per session
I also offer both inclusive and stand-alone IVF preparation sessions, please contact me for further information.
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