Helping new mums with acupuncture

During your pregnancy you look after yourself in the best way you can for you and your baby, then baby is here and it all goes to pot…

Lack of sleep, lack of rest, lack of  warm, nourishing foods. It is all about your precious baby, so much that we often forget about ourselves.

In China there is a strong emphasis on rest, healing and recovery after post. A period often referred to as the ‘Golden month’, where you just rest, sleep, eat and enjoy your baby. Doing to much too soon can be completely draining of your resources leaving you exhausted, especially if you have had a traumatic birth.

Did you know that acupuncture can help you recover after birth?

  • It can help regulate your bowels and urinary function
  • Reduce pain or discomfort from stitches and/or tears
  • Can help with postnatal depression
  • Alleviate mastitis
  • Encourage the let down reflex
  • Support scar healing
  • Help with hormonal fluctuations post birth
  • and so much more…

If you are recovering post birth and would love to find out more about how i can support you recover book in your free, no obligation telephone consult.

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