Why have acupuncture in your own home?

Why have acupuncture in your own home?

Have you ever been for a massage or another complementary therapy treatment at a salon, clinic or spa? The treatment isĀ  finished and you feel lovely, cosy, warm and relaxed, and often a bit floaty. Yes?

And then you drive home, hit traffic, or maybe you miss your bus because you are so relaxed, or you are on the bus and all you can hear is chatter and tinny music coming from another passenger’s headphones…and slowly that feeling of relaxation starts to fade away….you come home still relaxed but you will have most likely lost quite a lot of it on your way home after your treatment.

So logic dictates that the best place to have a treatment is at home, where you can fully enjoy the benefits of acupuncture, massage etc. At the end you can roll from the massage couch onto your own couch and just chill, maybe have a little catnap. Total bliss…

Sometimes having treatments in your own home is a necessity if you struggle to get out of the house, for example if you struggle with mobility issues, chronic pain or crippling anxiety or maybe you have little ones and you can’t find childcare…

That is why i bring the treatments to you, to make sure that the ones who need it the most can still access much needed treatment.

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