Prebirth acupuncture

Pre-birth acupuncture consists of a set of weekly acupuncture sessions beginning around 36-37 weeks and continuing until the commencement of labour. They are intended to prepare a woman for a harmonious birth and positive experience. By balancing hormones, calming the sympathetic nervous system and improving blood flow to the reproductive organs this series of treatments is beneficial to ripen her cervix, calm her mind, and strengthen her blood and energy in order for her mind and body to be ripe and ready for a smooth labor and birth.

Studies show some very promising statistics on the positive effects of cervical ripening and we see this confirmed on a daily basis in our personal practice. These positive effects include shorter duration of labor, 35% reduction in medical inductions, 32% lower cesarean rates and even a 31% reduction in requests for epidural with an overall increase in natural normal vaginal deliveries.

In my experience mums to be find these sessions deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

I strongly encourage all women to have pre-birth acupuncture and be proactive and educated in their pregnancy and childbirth choices.