Supporting new mums with our sacred postnatal services

As a new mum you deserve to be honoured and cared for during your postnatal period.

Creating bespoke sacred nurturing care packages and gatherings for mums to be and new mums. You can pick and choose from the list underneath, you can create sacred nurturing for you to enjoy alone, with your baby,partner or even a group of your mum, sisters, aunts, girlfriends. Getting women together to celebrateand honour your journey from maiden to mother.

She serves:
sealing birth stories, benkung belly binding, sacred tea ceremony with handcrafted herbal teas, ceremonial footbaths, closing the bones ceremony

She heals:
cord burning, acupuncture, postnatal massage, placenta printing, aromatherapy oil blends, hot stone abdominal rub with warm abdominal rub

She nourishes:
conscious cooking, nourishing meal planning

She warms:
mother fear release ceremony, mighty warming moxa, acupuncture, sisterhood salt bowl, yoni steaming

What an amazing supportive gift for your wife, partner, sister, aunt, friend, or yourself!!!

Costs from 50, to suit various budgets.