Welcome to Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds

Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds is Chantal Nogbou, I have been practising as a holistic therapist since 2007, offering massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage. My interest in pain management guided me to do my BSc in Acupuncture which I completed in 2012.

After I had twins in my final year at uni my interest developed towards fertility, pregnancy and labour. Now as a mum of 4 I knew I wanted them to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture so I completed my paediatric oriental medicine practitioner training in March 2014. I had at this time also finished Debra Betts Complete Pregnancy course and an IVF support workshop. Completed Hara abdominal massage training in March 2015.

My passion to help Leeds families feel happy and healthy is what lead me to become a Relax Kids coach teaching children of all ages stress management and relaxation techniques in a fun, unique way. For more info please get in touch.

I feel as a practitioner i never stop learning, i am Always wanting to learn more and add more skills to my repertoire. Just completing my Sacred Postapartum course in June 2016, so i am now a proud mother roaster.

Chantal Nogbou