Just finished 3 weeks of covid secure urgent care and medical need acupuncture home visit appointments and here is how it looks.

😷Covid symptoms check in the day before and an virtual consult, either via Skype, Zoom or phone call.
😷On arrival, we both wear masks for the full time we spend together, if you answer the door without one I’ll provide you one. Take your temperature via a no touch thermometer, I take mine daily and log this.
😷I bring in as little equipment as possible, if i need to bring in my wonderfully comfortable massage couch with me if needed, come in and we both handwash or sanitise our hands for the recommended duration. There basically will be a lot of hand washing or hand sanitizing. I use my gorgeous smelling (not that we can smell it with the masks on but it is lovely) NYR organic 70% alcohol Organic Hand Defense Spray or rub.
😷You give consent I can breach the social distancing guideline of 2 meters so I can put the pins and I will resume to normal social distance. The actual chatting time during an appointment will be limited.
😷 When the pins are in you just do the usual and just enjoy the deeply relaxing experience that acupuncture brings while I keep a distance or wait in another room if you want me to.
😷 Pins out, I pack up and go. Donning my mask outside so you are protected at all times.
😷Payment via bank transfer or if you do need to pay with cash please have this in an envelope and book your next appointment.
😷 After your session my mask will get binned safely in double bags, any couch roll etc will have the same treatment. Couch covers and my clothes will be washed at 60 degrees after EVERY APPOINTMENT.
And all my equipment such as couch, bolster, equipment case will be disinfected after EVERY APPOINTMENT.
As always though it is important to make your treatment a wonderful, nurturing, deeply relaxing experience while holding a safe space for you and that is as important as being covid secure.
Together we can keep each other safe while I treat you to an improved health and wellbeing ❤🙏